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August 31, 2015 – Steven Rushingwnd

Steven Rushingwind, award-winning Native American flutist of Rushingwind & Mucklow and the Rushingwind Project shares with us his third solo album and latest release, “Red Beaten Path”. Steven is from Pomona, California of Cahuilla/Opata and Mexican descent. Building on his healing flute music that incorporates rock elements and world beats, this new project launches in a new direction for Steven, branching out with more contemporary elements and instrumentation.

Artist (Song) Album

Robbie Robertson (Straight Down the Line) How to Become Clairvoyant

Digging Roots (Hwy 17) For The Light

Jim Boyd (Fry Bread Line) Going To The Stick Games

Pura Fé (Great Grandpa’s Banjo) Caution to the Wind

PJ Vegas (BetterDayz Ft. CodyBlackbird) Priceless The Free Album

Steven Rushingwind (Hummingbird Flight) Red Beaten Path

Steven Rushingwind (Red Beaten Path) Red Beaten Path

Steven Rushingwind (Shades of Red) Red Beaten Path

Tony Duncan (Moccasin Games) Native Son

Lakota John & Kin (Women Be Wise) Lakota John & Kin

Indian City (Second Sunrise) Colors

Miracle Dolls (Away) Thieves And Guns

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