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December 15, 2014 – Brutis Baez

Big in the Native American hip-hop scene, rapper Brutis Baez (a.k.a. Bigg B) is Nez Perce, Paiute, and Wasco, from Warm Springs, Oregon. With songs written to flow thematically like a movie, his album Here Today, Bigg Tomorrow is Bigg B’s third solo release and the first album he recorded, mixed, and mastered himself. Bigg B is also a DJ, operations manager at KWSO in Warm Springs, and part of a rap group called Rez Hogs.

Earthsongs Spotlight

cody blackbird_larger image

Cody Blackbird is the youngest recipient to be awarded Flutist of the Year by the Native American Music Awards    


120814 steve rushingwind PHOTO

December 8, 2014 – Steven Rushingwind

Steven Rushingwind, award-winning Native American flutist of Rushingwind & Mucklow and the Rushingwind Project shares with us his third solo album and latest release, "Red Beaten Path". Steven is from Pomona, … [Read More...]

112414 galanin PHOTO

November 24, 2014 – Nicholas Galanin

Tlingit/Aleut multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Galanin from Sitka, Alaska is also known as Silver Jackson or Indian Nick. Both a recording artist and visual artist, he runs the record label Home Skillet Records along with … [Read More...]