This Week’s Show

April 13, 2015 – Gathering of Nations 2015

Every year, Stage 49 at Gathering of Nations highlights the best in Native American/Indigenous traditional and contemporary music. With GON right around the corner, this week we celebrate by playing music from the artists lined up to perform at Stage 49. This year’s acts include A Tribe Called Red, Quese Imc, and Native Roots.

Artist (Song) Album

Cempoalli 20 & Quese Imc (The Raven) Osahwuh

A Tribe Called Red (Look At This) A Tribe Called Red

Iron Horse (Iron Horse) Iron Horse – Single

Tracy Bone (Woman Of Red) Woman Of Red

Native Roots (Natives Say) Rain Us Love

Gabriel Ayala (Shades Of Blue) Shades Of Blue

Rellik (Idle No More) Idle No More – Single

Tha Yoties (Freedom Song)

ND 22 (Somewhere)

Leanne Goose (Curse the Night) Anywhere

Randy Granger (I Am The Mountain Within) Pura Vida: This is Pure Life

Eli Secody (Navajo Tacos and Native Movies) Rhythm Of A Songmaker

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